10th Class Tips

10th Class Tips
Dear students to get good marks in 10th class you have to follow the below tips.

 To get good marks in 10th class you have to follow some basic 10th class tips let us see what are they. First of all you have to be dedicated you have to focus on what target you have set. You should have one goal you have to focus on that goal till you have reached that goal. If you want to success you have to sacrifice some of your habits. First of all you have to prepare one time table. This is the major important thing in your success if you don't have time table to don't know what to do at particular time so keep in mind and prepare that timetable according to your needs.

In the time table you have to to write all your activities from morning to evening like when you wake up when you eat and when you play and when you study. Keep in mind that this time table is a major part in your daily routine. Don't be silly you have to take it serious way. In this time table you have to write according to your needs don't copy others time table because they will right according to their needs so you have to write your own planning.

The major thing is planning if there is no planning you will not be success in your life. If there is planning you can do anything what you want in your life so keep in mind to plan any thing that you particularly do in your life. So planning is the major role in daily routine.in the planning you have to plan according to your needs you have to plan the way of studying the way of covering the syllabus according to your academic books. Suppose for today I have to complete these two lessons from these subjects. If you plan to to do this you have to do to get the particular time only if you postpone the work you have to do today it will be postponed day by day so so you have to do your work at the particular time you have mentioned in the time table and you have land before.

To get good marks in 10th class you have to focus on the languages because these languages are major role and you can and get marks easily through this languages. You have to to read all the topics which are most important and then focus on the remaining topics which are not important also. For suppose in the language Telugu there will be many topics but we have to focus on the topics which are going to be asked in the upcoming exam. Suppose in the final exam out of 10 lessons they will be asked around 5 questions so we have to choose any 6 or 7 lessons to focus on the essays which are giving in the exam because the other remaining 3 to 4 lessons will be given for the choice so we not read that topic.

The another major thing is is we have to focus on all the subjects in the academic books. We have to focus on all the subjects and all the topics which are very most important. Some will focus on only the subjects they like but they don't focus on what they don't like. Students should focus on all the subjects in the class to get good marks.

some of the students don't focus on the maths subject because maths is so difficult they think so.but we have to focus on all the topics.

Student should maintain discipline while teacher spelling lesson. Student should listen carefully in the class. Otherwise they will not understand the class which is taught by the teacher. So students have to maintain discipline and listen carefully without talking.if anyone get any doubt they have to ask the teacher immediately otherwise they doubt will be not clarified till the end.

Before going to the exam students have to write the pre final exams. By writing this pre final exams they will get the the clear idea about how to write the final exams in the public. So all the students have to write the pre final exams before going to to write the public exams.

Students should maintain good handwriting while writing the exams because this plays a major role in all the the students life. First impression is the best impression so if the handwriting is good the invigilator may give good marks to the student whose handwriting is good.

student should not about the time management because many of the students write very slowly for good handwriting this is very bad thing because in the public examination there is only two and half hours to write all the questions and answers so students have to keep in mind that they have only particular time to write it the exam so they have to maintain very concentration and discipline according to the time and they have to write the exam.

After the exam is completed they have to check once whether all the questions are attempted or not. If all the questions are attempted they have to check whether the questions are are correct or not whether the bits are correct or not.
These are the 10th class tips given for those who are preparing for 10th class show all the best for those who are going to write the 10th class exams.

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